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Material Handling

Increasing throughput and reliability are some of the greatest challenges facing distribution centers and material handling equipment manufacturers.

electric motors for conveyors and other material handling equipment

Whether conveying, sorting, storing, picking or placing, machine builders and facility maintenance engineers need to keep their material handling equipment and operations running smoothly and efficiently. Electric motors are the heart of most industrial equipment, and can account for up to 60% of a plant's electricity consumption. A single motor can cost more than 100x its original purchase price to run than it did to originally purchase, but it can cost a plant even more if it breaks down and halts production. 

At Elektrim, we understand the unique needs of the material handling industry. Elektrim Motors are field-proven powerhouses designed and manufactured by engineers for engineers, and are built to overcome life-shortening conditions and motor stresses. When other motor brands fail, Elektrim thrives. 

You may find these Elektrim Motors product lines interesting for

Conveyors, Sorters, Shredders, Palletizers, Balers, Bucket Elevators, Bulk Dischargers, Cranes, Hoists, Packaging Equipment

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