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Elektrim Motors
50 Years and Counting

Elektrim Motors is an operating business unit and registered trademark of Toolmex Industrial Solutions headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Elektrim Motors designs and manufactures AC motors in both IEC and NEMA configurations, ranging from fractional to 6,300 horsepower in four state-of-the-art ISO 9001 manufacturing plants in Poland with additional manufacturing facilities around the world.

For over 50 years, we have served the US and North American industrial marketplaces as a premier AC motor manufacturer, collaborating with customers for a higher level of support and service.  We have a proven track record as a trusted partner, delivering electric motor solutions to original equipment manufacturers and distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and beyond.

In the Beginning

Elektrim Motor factories have been producing induction AC motors with great success for many years.  The original four Polish factories, still in operation today, were independent producers of electric AC motors up to World War II. 


After the war, in 1945, the companies became state-owned enterprises.  Control over production and export sales in these factories was held by the Polish Foreign Trade Company for Electrical Equipment Ltd., "Elektrim SA", an industrial holding company that conducted extensive and diversified activities through more than 140 associated companies with businesses ranging from turbines to agricultural production.


Poland to the USA

The Polish factories continued to produce and sell electric AC motors under the Elektrim Motors brand name worldwide for many years.  In 1973, NEMA and IEC AC motors made by Elektrim Motors were introduced in United States as an operating unit and trademark of Toolmex (formerly known as Tooling Metal Export Group). 


The Elektrim Motors brand subsequently established a reputation for powerful, precision-engineered electric AC motors for tough applications in demanding industries across the US, Canada and Latin America.


Elektrim Motors Today

Later, as a result of the reforms, political changes and restructuring in Poland in the 1980's, the companies were privatized.  In 1997, the USA based North-American operations of Elektrim Motors became a privately held under Toolmex Industrial Solutions. 


Elektrim Motors are made and sold exclusively in the United States by our Elektrim Motors group in Elgin, Illinois USA.   The original trade company, Elektrim SA, still exists and continues operation, albeit not in the field of electric motors.

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