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Elektrim Motors

Elektrim Motors is an operating business unit and registered trademark of Toolmex Industrial Solutions and is headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Elektrim Motors designs and manufactures ac electric motors in both IEC and NEMA configurations ranging from fractional to 6,300 horsepower primarily in four state-of-the-art ISO 9001 manufacturing plants in Poland wtih additional manufacturing facilities around the world.


We have served the US and North American industrial marketplaces for over 50 years, engaging customers with a higher level of support and service.  We have a proven track record as a trusted partner, delivering volumes of product solutions to businesses throughout the United States, Canada and beyond.


In the Beginning

The first of the original four factories to build Elektrim motors was established in 1878 in Bielsko-Biała as a repair workshop for textile machines.

However, it was until 1919, after some years of development, that the company started production of electric motors.

Located in the south of Poland, Bielsko-Biała has 100 industries with rich traditions and, as far as size is concerned, was the second largest center of these industries in Poland.



In 1920, a second factory was established in Cieszyn, Poland.  For a very long time, this was the biggest factory in the Cieszyn district and had considerable influence on the cultural and social development of the region.  


A third factory was founded in 1921 as a member of Brown Boveri S.A, which manufactured three phase electric motors, transformers and generators which could operate with diesel engines. This was also the first factory in Poland to produce tramway motors.



Despite our long history, it wasn't until shortly after WWII when the factories were nationalized under the newly formed Elektrim Export Office, a foreign trade enterprise and a limited liability Polish International Trade Company for Electrotechnical Equipment, that the “Elektrim” name was introduced.  


In 1950, a fourth manufacturing plant was established. Originally focused only on regeneration of electric motors, the plant started production of 3-phase induction motors a year later, with single phase motors being produced at the facility a decade later.


Coming to America

In 1973, a business unit operated under Toolmex was established in the United States.  The group introduced NEMA and IEC motors manufactured in Poland from the original 4 factories under the Elektrim Motors trademark to North America.  


As directed by the Minister of Foreign Economic Cooperation, the privatization of Elektrim began in 1991. During the transition, operations commenced under Elektrim Spólka Akcyjna, “Elektrim SA”, an industrial holding company that conducted extensive and diversified activities through more than 140 associated companies with businesses ranging from turbines to agricultural production.



By 1997, the USA based North American operations of Elektrim Motors officially became a privately held corporation under Toolmex Industrial Solutions.

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Ready to reimagine your custom electric motor experience?
Ready to reimagine your custom electric motor experience?
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