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We build custom,
factory-direct electric motors made for OEMs

Our core business is collaborating directly with OEMs, expertly building electric motors engineered specifically to expand performance in OEM equipment.  

We aren’t interested in throwing a catalog at your application and hoping something sticks. Instead, we study your equipment, industry and strategic goals to uncover opportunities for a competitive edge and build on that with you for a win-win relationship.


Are you struggling with tight installations and space constraints?  Do you have a unique duty cycle, torque requirement or environmental concerns? Would your motor benefit to double as two differently rated motors? Is your current electric motor running into issues that you suspect could be solved better?  Whatever your application, we're here to assist.

We’ve been manufacturing electric motors since 1919, and, as such, have gained our expertise from countless custom constructions and OEM solutions across a wide range of industries.  Let us prove to you how our enthusiasm for electric motors and commitment to exacting standards translates into some of the finest, longest lasting and best performing motors you may ever use.  

Advantage of Collaborating with Elektrim Motors

Factory-direct expert assistance

Custom designs and adapations

ISO 9001 certified factories and processes

100+ years manufacturing track record

Ready to reimagine your custom electric motor experience?
More than a century of building motors.
Ready to reimagine your custom electric motor experience?
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