Car Wash

Lightweight and corrosion resistant motors made with better heat dissipation for the frequent start and stop cycles in hot and humid car washes.

electric motors for the car wash industry

Electric motors are the heart of most equipment, converting electrical to mechanical power, and can be a huge source of frustration and downtime upon failure. That's why it is imperative that car wash equipment manufacturers and facilities select new and/or replacement electric motors that can withstand the frequent starts and the steamy environments common to the industry. 

The particularly short and frequent on-demand nature of ac motor cycles (start/run 2 minutes, off 4 minutes or more) within car washes can be especially challenging for electric motors, as the initial locked rotor amps surge at startup is naturally destructive to the motor's insulation over time. Choosing an air dryer motor with a good insulation system and impregnation can mitigate that damage longer, and offer a cooler running motor even in the hottest environments. 

At Elektrim, we understand the unique challenges car wash facilities and equipment manufacturers face to minimize electric motor downtime, while striving to improve overall efficiency, performance and optimal operation. Our 20 Series motors are built with 200°C double layer wire insulation (DN2E200) and Class H vacuum pressure impregnation, making it one of the best insulation systems available to car wash equipment manufacturers for air dryers and blowers. (Many motors manufacturers use single wire insulation and dip and bake methods which can leave voids and air pockets.) 

In addition to strong insultation and many other enhancements, Elektrim Performance and X1 Series electric motors come equipped with ultra-strong oversized bearings on both ends to add maximum protection and durability for longer, uninterrupted operation. 

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