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Air Handling

Reliable air flow at maximum energy efficiency are essential to keep manufacturing facilities operational and sustainable.

electric motors for fans, blowers and other air handling equipment

Most manufacturing plants use fans and blowers for ventilation and industrial processes that need air flow. These air handling systems are essential to keep manufacturing processes working whether it is to cool or ventilate. 

At Elektrim, we understand the unique needs of the air handling industry. Elektrim Motors are the dependable solution for fan and blower systems. Designed and manufactured by engineers for engineers, Elektrim Motors are built to overcome life-shortening conditions and motor stresses. When other motor brands fail, Elektrim thrives. 

You may find these Elektrim Motors product lines interesting for

Centrifugal Blowers, Centrifugal Fans, Blowers, Forward Cuved Fans, Backward Inclined Fans, Positive Displacement Blowers, Cyclones, Dyrers, Car Wash Dryers, Axial Fans, Propeller Fans, Tube Fans, Vane Fans, Compressors

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