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Food & Beverage

Nobody wants to eat rust so choose equipment and motors that can stand up to the extreme cleanliness, corrosive environments and frequent washdowns found in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industries.

electric motors for food and beverage processing equipment

The surface of painted motors are particularly vulnerable to corrosion from caustic cleaning solutions, acidic foods and chemicals during the manufacturing process and after regular high pressure washdowns. This can compromise the surface and operation of the motor, and ultimately reduce the electric motor's lifespan. 

In addition to clean operation, reliability and performance are essential to many poultry, meat, dairy, snack food and pharmaceutical processors. For maintenance mangers and equipment manufacturers that means choosing an electric motor that can withstand performance demands, lower plant energy costs, limit breakdowns and survive frequent high pressure sanitizing. 

At Elektrim, we understand these unique challenges, and have engineered our 300 series stainless steel constructed and anti-corrosion coated fractional and premium efficient motors to provide optimal performance and washdown protection against corrosive agents in indoor and outdoor applications.

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Mixers, Pumps, Canning Equipment, Conveyors, Batch Processing Equipment, Packaging Equipment

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