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Electric motor failure when out to sea can be a disaster, which makes choosing the most reliable, rugged electric motor possible of the utmost urgency and importance.

electric motors for ships and other marine equipment

Limiting breakdowns and increasing equipment uptime is one of the single greatest opportunities for improvement onboard ships and freighters. From high humidity to blistering heat, saltwater and other corrosive elements, marine-duty equipment are routinely exposed to life-shortening conditions, stressing equipment into failure. 

At Elektrim, we understand the need maintenance engineers have for equipment and electric motors capable of withstanding the extreme conditions typical in marinas, ports, docks and onboard ships. Elektrim Motors are designed and manufactured by engineers for engineers, and are built to overcome harsh environments. When other motor brands fail, Elektrim thrives.

You may find these Elektrim Motors product lines interesting for

Ships, Pumps

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